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About Us

The Beginning

Joining the likes of Surprise Attacks and Faithful City Shows as promoters in Worcester, we were determined to join the effort in bringing exciting, touring talent to Worcester. So, teaming up with the wonderful SLAP Mag to get some much needed advice, we began booking a monthly show at The Marrs Bar…

Moving Forward

Since then, we’ve hosted gigs at Worcester Uni, taken part in BBC’s Biggest Weekend 2018 as a Fringe event, promoted at Worcester Music Festival for two years in a row (so far), not to mention formed partnerships with the likes of Jagermeister and beyond…

What Next?

Looking to host more events across a wider variety of venues, we can’t wait to welcome a whole host of new acts across our stages in the months (and hopefully years) to come. Keep an eye out for our upcoming gigs and be sure to sign up to our mailing list to stay up to date with what’s happening…


The Team

Looking to support the local music scene while bringing some of the best upcoming artists to the area, Sam Daly founded Uncover with the help of SLAP Magazine’s editor Mark Hogan. After a few successful events, Emily Branson then joined the line-up, offering a marketing skill set and a passion for the undiscovered. Now, Uncover also has the support of the Worcester Music Festival, but most importantly we wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the wonderful people who attend our events. Here’s to many more great nights of amazing live music!