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Pre Show Playlist

The Wave Pictures Pre-Show Playlist

Marty Wilde - The Fire Of Love After being a fan of The Shadows for along time I decided to check out the other British rock and rollers. Billy Fury, Vince Taylor and Marty Wilde all have some excellent and crazy songs. This one is just cool. John Lee Hooker - Let's Make It Although The Wave Pictures love listening to blues music, it is nearly impossible to play without sounding terrible. We have been getting better recently, but we are still a million miles away from John Lee. He is the master. Bobby Darin - Bullfrog Some fun country......

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Runrummer’s Pre Show Playlist

Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight) This is a cheeky little number which I've been obsessed with lately. I love stumbling upon gems which you forgot about from the 90s and 00s. This is exactly one of those! You can't not sing along and have a little boogy to this one. Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (Magician Remix) This has to be one of my favourite remixes of all time. I first heard this song when I watched Blue Is The Warmest Colour which is a lesbian love film and one of the first times I'd seen a lesbian relationship......

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The Space’s Pre Show Playlist

Arctic Monkeys - 'Mardy Bum' Classic indie tune, arctic monkeys being one of the most influential bands for this genre. Could have picked any tune off this album absolute masterpiece. Future - 'Crushed Up' Guitarist Reece a big fan of modern rap music especially from America, with the bass-y beats and lyrical verses   Radiohead - 'Creep' Jack: Gloomy but beautiful, lyrically just amazes me every time I listen to it   Oasis - 'Supersonic' Just a banging oasis tune with banging lead lines   Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 'Otherside' Catchy like most Chilli Peppers songs, this one is......

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The Jericho Racks’ Pre Show Playlist

The Doors - 'The End' Rich: The first doors song I heard and it blew my mind! Jim twisted poetic lyrics during that crescendo, made me fall in love with the band instantly.   Tom Waits - 'Goin' Out West' R: Tom Waits is one of my biggest inspirations. Being a jazz musician at heart and still being able to write songs like this!   Kings of Leon - 'Trani' R: One of my favourite bands. Coming from a heavy religious background, but making really dirty fuzzy rock 'n' roll songs such as this. Singing about what it was like growing up in......

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Hey Jester’s Pre-Show Playlist

Death Grips - Beware A crazed trance-like track that creates excitement for listening to crazed trance-like bands like The Pink Diamond Revue who are on the line up. Guns N’ Roses - My World Sometimes you just have to listen to that WTF song by a band known for making a completely different style of music. That’s the unpredictable vibe you’ll get from the versatile bands playing on Sunday. Jack White - Over and Over and Over The fuzzy riff in Jack White’s latest solo record is inspiring for that raw but retro sound that Hey Jester want to take......

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White Noise Cinema’s Pre-Show Playlist

Tom Waits - The Earth Died Screaming The sound that bones would make if they could play themselves and a brazenly nihilistic, yet somehow tongue-in-cheek sentiment that only someone as effortlessly cool as Tom Waits could pull off. Banger with a capital B mate. Frank Zappa - Uncle Remus Zappa at his absolute sexiest. Which is saying something, because that man was so sexy he could even make a White Noise Cinema song sound cautiously erotic. And we’re basically asexual Tool - The Pot One of these days we’ll get around to writing a song that effortlessly switches gears without......

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