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Uncover: Eva and the Blue Dive

Eva and the Blue Dive Eva and The Blue Dive create original acoustic songs with an electric lift, lyrics of heartfelt sincerity and engaging emotional soundscapes. We caught up with Eva herself ahead of her set at Annies, Worcester on 31st January 2020, for Independent Venue Week and our third birthday!Give them a listen...Fragmentation is an old fan favourite of Eva and the Blue Dive's. Take a list to get a gist of her haunting vocals and ambient-folk music with a kick.[wvc_bigtext text="I’d like to make people feel something, what that is will differ from person and song but it......

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Uncover: Slow Tapes

Slow Tapes Describing themselves as the sounds of a decade that never existed, Slow Tapes were one of our favourite bands to come from 2019 and we're delighted that they're sticking with us in 2020 with some big plans up their sleeves.Give Them A ListenReleased on May 2nd of last year, The Left Side is the debut single that provides the only introduction for Slow Tapes that you need. A slow-burning rager of a track, the band have managed to showcase their live energy and versatility in one gripping track. [wvc_bigtext text="Our songs are emotionally charged and quite narrative. So we’re not......

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Uncover: The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures With less than two weeks to go until The Wave Pictures make their debut in Worcester and headline The Marrs Bar. We thought we'd have a chat with them and find out a bit more about what you can expect...Give them a listen...Their most recent album, Look Inside Your Heart, is a comprehensive reflection of The Wave Pictures. 'House By The Beach' - track two - was recently treated to some quirky visuals by the band, who relaunched their YouTube channel especially for the occassion.[wvc_bigtext text="Making 'Look Inside Your Heart' was one of the easiest albums we have made.......

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Uncover: Runrummer

Runrummer With her headline gig fast approaching, we thought it was about time to get behind of Runrummer before she hits the stage at Worcester's newest venue: Annie's at the Courtyard.Give them a listen...Released on November 8th of last year, Soul Wrinkles is a four-track EP that provides the only introduction for Runrummer you need. The electropop singer-songwriter flawlessly demonstrates her poignant, flawless sonic majesty through right through from 'Eyes' to the release's namesake.[wvc_bigtext text="A lot of my music builds on different struggles I've had with sexuality, gender identity and mental health." color="custom" font_weight="700" custom_color="rgba(255,255,255,0.6)"] Hey! How are things? What are......

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Uncover: No Violet

No Violet Ahead of their headline performance at The Marrs Bar on the 1st March, we thought it only right that we have a bit of a chat with them so you can all get well and truly acquainted. Some may recognise the name from when they supported Worcester faves Soeur late last year! Well, now they're back in their own right and ready to blow you all away.Give them a listen...Released on September 14th of last year, this four-track EP is the perfect introduction to No Violet. Consisting of tracks 'Be My Friend', 'America', 'Behaviour', and 'She Goes Her Own Way', stick it......

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