April 23, 2022
Joshua Radin
Time: 19:00
Venue: Hare & Hounds

Uncover Presents:

As Joshua Radin describes how his music career began, an image comes to mind of a horse, galloping so fast, it’s almost a blur. He penned a song, & played it for his friend Zach Braff, star of TV’s Scrubs. Braff suggested Radin send a demo to the show’s producer. Almost overnight, millions of viewers reached for tissues as Radin’s “Winter” aired over an emotional scene. They crashed NBC’s website trying to track down the singer.
He’s played to sold-out audiences across the globe, sold almost a million albums, two million singles, combined for over 1 billion streams & earned a Gold record (US) and No. 2 (UK) hit with “I’d Rather Be With You.” One of the most licensed artists ever, Radin’s music has played in 150+ TV shows, commercials and films. He even performed at Ellen DeGeneres’ nuptials with Portia DeRossi.