No Violet

Ahead of their headline performance at The Marrs Bar on the 1st March, we thought it only right that we have a bit of a chat with them so you can all get well and truly acquainted.

Some may recognise the name from when they supported Worcester faves Soeur late last year! Well, now they’re back in their own right and ready to blow you all away.

Give them a listen…

Faces EP

Released on September 14th of last year, this four-track EP is the perfect introduction to No Violet.

Consisting of tracks ‘Be My Friend’, ‘America’, ‘Behaviour’, and ‘She Goes Her Own Way’, stick it on and bask in the fuzzy, noise-rock goodness.

Our music mainly focuses on inner struggleswhich everyone can relate to.It would be great to give a sense that you're not alonewhen it comes to life's turmoil.

Hey guys! How’s life treating you, what are you up to at the moment preparing for the tour? 

Hello! We’ve been very busy preparing everything for our single release of Lemons at the beginning of March! So looking forward to finally sharing with you. 

You played The Marrs Bar in support of Soeur late last year, how was that and are you excited to return and headline? 

Yes! Soeur are good pals of ours, as are the band Bloodrag who played first on the bill. Thoroughly enjoyed that gig as it was our first time in Worcester, so we’re very excited to be playing again!

The ‘Faces’ EP came out back in September, how have you found the reaction to that? 

The reaction has been overwhelming, we still can’t believe the continuing support! 

What’s the main thing that you hope people will take away from your music? 

Our music mainly focuses on inner struggles which everyone can relate to. It would be great to give a sense that you’re not alone when it comes to life’s turmoil. 

What have your main influences been, musical or otherwise, when it comes to creating music? 

We are mostly influenced by what is affecting the world, and how it is affecting people. That’s what we all cling onto or relate to the most.

We each have very different and varying tastes in music which all appear in our songs!

How is the creative process between you all, do you all get involved as one, do each of you do your own bits separate, tell us about it. 

One of us comes up with an idea/riff, then we tend to just jam it out until something fixes in place and figure it out together.

What’s your favourite thing about performing live? 

The sweet release everything you’re tied up in or tense about. The crowds reaction to our music; the puzzled expressions, the dancing. It’s all beautiful.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you when you’ve been performing? 

Ellie: I’ve choked on my hair a couple of times when singing. It’s very scary when you think you’re about to chunder onto the crowd. Or would you class that as rock ‘n’ roll?

What’s in store post tour, what’s your next step to world domination? 

We’ve got some tasty gigs lined up for after tour, along with more music and festivals – keep an eye on our socials to find out more!

Where do you hope to see yourselves this time next year? 

Another European tour would be lovely, and maybe venturing further out into the world!