Slow Tapes

Describing themselves as the sounds of a decade that never existed, Slow Tapes were one of our favourite bands to come from 2019 and we’re delighted that they’re sticking with us in 2020 with some big plans up their sleeves.

Give Them A Listen

The Left Side

Released on May 2nd of last year, The Left Side is the debut single that provides the only introduction for Slow Tapes that you need.

A slow-burning rager of a track, the band have managed to showcase their live energy and versatility in one gripping track.

Our songs are emotionally chargedand quite narrative. So we’re notbullshitting anybody.

Hey! How are things? What are you working on at the moment?

Not bad thanks! We took a bit of a break over the winter to write some new material, so we’re heading into the studio this week to record our debut EP, we’re really excited to show what we’ve been up to and anticipate a big year of releases from us.


We still absolutely love ’The Left Side’, how have you found the reaction to it?  

The response has been overwhelming. It’s a song we’re all really proud of, and the reaction and support has been fantastic. We kind of just dropped it on the world and let it get its own traction, but it’s been supported by radio play, Richer Sounds picked it up and played it across their stores. And it was also chosen as the credit track for the award winning film ‘Philophobia’. We’re alongside some massive bands on that soundtrack, such as Manchester Orchestra, Kasabian, Jimmy Eat world and Pulled apart by horses.


How’s the new music coming along? What can we expect from it?

Very well, we’ve taken a bit more structure to our song writing. We went away to a cabin in the middle of Wales for a few days to really concentrate on songcraft- sat around a fire with acoustic guitars under a starlit sky in the valleys was a bit too try-hard for us. So we got some supernoodle sandwiches, hopped in the hot tub and sang some new songs out a cappella.

Our new songs are quite varied- we didn’t want to pigeonhole ourselves in being a standard 4 piece indie band. We have a faux piano ballad, an acoustic number, and a proper summer anthem coming this year.


What can fans expect from your set on Friday?

It’s going to be a good one. It’s our first show of the year, so we’re really excited for it. We’re also live trialling 2 new songs- which could be interesting! We’re really happy with the set at the moment though, we’ve worked hard on making sure it’s ordered correctly, and made some big decisions on cutting some songs that have always been in the set. Hopefully people will agree that the songs we’ve replaced them with are stronger and represent us better as a band.


What’s the main thing that you hope people will take away from your music? 

Our songs are emotionally charged and quite narrative. So we’re not bullshitting anybody. We hope that comes across in what we do- we’re not pretending to be something that we’re not. Songs like The Left Side and The Love are honest, we’ve had some great feedback on people saying how they relate to the songs. We also try to ensure a sense of triumph over the adversities and issues the song brings up.


What have your main influences been, musical or otherwise, when it comes to creating music? 

We all come from really diverse musical backgrounds, so each bring something a little different to the table. But we’re influenced by lots of things, such as film and cinema, literature etc.


What’s your favourite thing about performing live? 

The crowd singing the lyrics back to you is an incredible feeling. We recently watched back a video of us playing at The Sunflower Lounge. The crowd were singing the chorus to The Left Side back to us- I missed it at the time as I was concentrating on not hitting Matt with my guitar on stage! But that feeling can’t be beaten.


What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you when you’ve been performing? 

Luckily other than a few pedalboards deciding to stop working midset, we’ve always been pretty lucky! But back when Joel and Matt were in a band together at Uni (big up The Deer Electric) they played a gig where they got paid in cake.


What’s in store for the rest of the year? Any new releases/announcements we should keep our eyes out for?

Our debut EP will be out shortly- and we’re hoping to get on the festival circuit in the summer!


Where do you hope to see yourselves this time next year? 

Hopefully with a successful EP out and running on the back of some big shows!