The Wave Pictures

With less than two weeks to go until The Wave Pictures make their debut in Worcester and headline The Marrs Bar. We thought we’d have a chat with them and find out a bit more about what you can expect…

Give them a listen…

Look Inside Your Heart

Their most recent album, Look Inside Your Heart, is a comprehensive reflection of The Wave Pictures. ‘House By The Beach’ – track two – was recently treated to some quirky visuals by the band, who relaunched their YouTube channel especially for the occassion.

Making 'Look Inside Your Heart' wasone of the easiest albums we have made.The recording sessions were onlyintended to be a fun party time!

You’ve just relaunched your YouTube, what lead to this?

At the suggestion of The Wave Pictures Internet Guru we are trying to increase the bare minimum amount of work we are prepared to do on the internet. We learned what influencers are and it seems that we may be able to make as good a living from that as we do from music. It’s good to have something to fall back on if we don’t make it in the music business.

How have you found the reaction to ‘House By The Beach’? 

People tend to talk through a lot of our songs when we play them live. This isn’t the case when we play ‘House By The Beach’ so by our standards it is a small hit.

You’ve had a pretty busy year with a number of festival performances included, any particular standouts?

We particularly enjoyed seeing Darren Hayman play at Down At The Abbey Festival in Reading. The festival takes place in the ruins of the old abbey, which was a nice change from playing in a sweaty underground bar. But we are looking forward to getting back to the sweaty underground bars for our upcoming tour!

You’re headline ‘House By The Beach’ tour is coming up soon, are you looking forward to it? What can fans expect from the show? 

Fans can expect to see Jonny ‘Huddersfield’ Helm putting his heart and soul into hitting the drums, as well as a surprising range of songs from throughout our career. It is often surprising to us what we end up playing, which is fun.

You’re pretty prolific on the touring circuits, what’s your favourite thing about playing live? 

Playing live is all round excellent, so the show is always the highlight of the day when we are on tour. Apart from the show, I get to watch ‘First Dates’ when we are on tour. It is usually on tv when we get into bed after the show. It is top quality touring tv. Something we can all watch together and enjoy while drinking a last cup of tea before sleep

What are each of your favourite songs to perform live? 

Dave enjoys any songs where he gets to both play guitar like Rory Gallagher and sing like Lou Reed. Jonny likes to sing songs by Van Morrison. I am happy playing anythingby ACDC as long as it is from their ‘Let There Be Rock’/’Powerage’ period.

What do you think about the current state of the UK music scene?

I haven’t listened to any contemporary UK pop/rock/indie music recently so I don’t know what is going on, but when I want to kick back and relax after a hard day playing the bass guitar I have been enjoying listening to Jim Reeves.
I’ve spent 2019 listening to a lot of rock and roll music, going through the career of Elvis Presley and checking out Bobby Darin (I was very happy to discover his late 60’s albums ‘Born Waldon Robert Cassotto’ and ‘Commitment’, released on his own Direction label) and Marti Wilde, as well going to a few jazz gigs with my Dad (he is a big jazz fan) and some free classical concerts by myself. I don’t know much about jazz and I don’t know anything about classical music, but I am building up to ‘The Year Of Jazz and Classical Music’ in 2020, where I dedicate my time and record buying to investigating jazz and classical music.

Recent album, ‘Look Inside Your Heart’ is fantastic, what was the most challenging part about its creation? 

Making ‘Look Inside Your Heart’ was one of the easiest albums we have made. The recording sessions were only intended to be a fun party time, so to hear we had recorded to much music that we liked was an excellent surprise. We were so happy we decided to release it!

What’s on the cards for 2020 so far? 

As well as ‘The Year Of Jazz and Classical Music’, I am looking forward to the release of an album by The David Tattersall Group, of which I am a member, and which also features Paul ‘Thunder’ Raines of Tigercats and Allo Darlin’, Dom ‘The Dominator Brider’ of The Surfing Magazines, ‘Violin’ Dan, and Dave ‘The Slim Terminator’ Beauchamp, as well as David Tattersall on guitar and song writing. There may also be a second album from The Surfing Magazines. And after that hopefully some more Wave Pictures towards the end of the year. If none of that comes off then we’ll get to work with the online influencing.