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Arran’s Top Pick: Cameo by Childhood

The main reason I chose this track is the bass tone, it’s one of my favourites to listen to over and over again and I haven’t been that impressed by a bass sound in a while. The chorus is epic and the switch ups between the verses and the chorus are amazing.

Lukes Top Pick: Personal Lies by Djo

DJO is such a talent, way he writes songs is genius and the production is so tight, the songs just completely turn on their heads halfway through and I love that, also funny cause he plays Steve in Stranger Things

Patch’s Top Pick: Seven by Just Mustard

Just Mustard are a new band from Ireland, they’ve got this nice middle ground between noise rock and shoegaze with ethereal vocals, saw them live and was in awe

Harry’s Top Pick: Dreaming Of by Foals

If you’re a fan of Foals, last year was a good year with the release of 2 albums. 2 completely different albums but equally as good, ‘Dreaming Of’ was a stand out song to me.

Ted’s top pick: Motion Sickness by Phoebe Bridgers

This moody and soft track from Phoebe Bridges’ debut album still packs a punch with melodies that will stay in your head for weeks

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