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The Doors – ‘The End’

Rich: The first doors song I heard and it blew my mind! Jim twisted poetic lyrics during that crescendo, made me fall in love with the band instantly.


Tom Waits – ‘Goin’ Out West’

R: Tom Waits is one of my biggest inspirations. Being a jazz musician at heart and still being able to write songs like this!


Kings of Leon – ‘Trani’

R: One of my favourite bands. Coming from a heavy religious background, but making really dirty fuzzy rock ‘n’ roll songs such as this. Singing about what it was like growing up in a really religious family.


The Urn – ‘All Them Witches’

Jack Biltcliffe: I think it’s a good blend of old and new music. You can really hear how much they appreciate the music that has influenced them.


Audioslave – ‘Show Me How To Live’

JB: They have the perfect synergy as a band and all work together seamlessly. In my eyes one of the most underappreciated bands musically.


John Lee Hooker – ‘Boom Boom’

JB: To me, it is the epitome of a well-written song. It’ll get stuck in your head for days.


The Arcs – ‘Velvet Ditch’

Jack Monopoli: This is a song that for me kind of has it all. The lyrics, the music, the feel, it’s all there, but it’s in no way pretentious – it’s just cool.


Alabama Shakes – ‘Future People’

JM: Big vocals, phat riffs, and a band tighter than tight. What more could you want?


Arcade Fire – ‘The Suburbs’

JM: The first time I heard this I was stunned by the lyrics, and it remains to this day one of my favourite songs not only because it’s a great tune, but because I can relate so easily to the words.


The Black Keys – ‘Thickfreakness’

The Jericho Racks: We had been friends a while and all heard this track before, but one day Rich raved about it and it was like a light went on. It’s such a great guitar riff, backed by really simple drums, and it’s just indescribably cool.

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