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Arctic Monkeys – ‘Mardy Bum’

Classic indie tune, arctic monkeys being one of the most influential bands for this genre. Could have picked any tune off this album absolute masterpiece.

Future – ‘Crushed Up’

Guitarist Reece a big fan of modern rap music especially from America, with the bass-y beats and lyrical verses


Radiohead – ‘Creep’

Jack: Gloomy but beautiful, lyrically just amazes me every time I listen to it


Oasis – ‘Supersonic’

Just a banging oasis tune with banging lead lines


Red Hot Chilli Peppers – ‘Otherside’

Catchy like most Chilli Peppers songs, this one is a perfect example of their beautiful songwriting


The Notorious B.I.G – ‘Big Poppa’

More of classic hip hop tune, from one of the biggest of the scene, influence to guitarist and bassist Reece and Alex


Nirvana – ‘Drain You’

Hype from one of America’s best bands, a┬álegendary song off one of the best albums of all time


Slipknot – ‘Eyeless’

Class metal tune with some class scratching from Sid


XXXTENTACION Feat. Trippie Redd – ‘Fuck Love’

An emotional song with a calm beat and expressive vocals from X and Trippie Redd


Black Sabbath – ‘War Pigs’

One of the most influential rock bands with a banging track, also close to home being Brummie lads

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