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Marty Wilde – The Fire Of Love

After being a fan of The Shadows for along time I decided to check out the other British rock and rollers. Billy Fury, Vince Taylor and Marty Wilde all have some excellent and crazy songs. This one is just cool.

John Lee Hooker – Let’s Make It

Although The Wave Pictures love listening to blues music, it is nearly impossible to play without sounding terrible. We have been getting better recently, but we are still a million miles away from John Lee. He is the master.

Bobby Darin – Bullfrog

Some fun country from Bobby Darin’s late 60’s album ‘Born Waldon Robert Cassotto’. I was listening to Bobby’s early rock and roll music and worked into his later career that I know nothing about. This album and ‘Commitment’ are both fun funky country phychadelic protest albums, a great surpirse after listening to Bobby’s early career.

The Johnny Burnette Trio – The Train Kept A Rollin’

The Johnny Burnette Trio album is a rockabilly classic. Filthy rockabilly!

Jerry Lee Lewis – Rock and Roll Ruby

If you need to rock and roll then Jerry Lee is the man for it! He can rock in the rock and roll style, rockabilly style and also country style. I am not sure if Jerry or Little Richard is the best at playing thumping full on rock and roll piano, but they are both excellent. At the moment I am in the Jerry Lee Lewis zone. I am also a big fan of his 70’s country albums.

Elvis – Little Sister

Just excellent rock and roll. 

Eddie Cochran – Twenty Flight Rock

Also simply very good and fun.

Jim Reeves – He’ll Have To Go

After all the rocking and rolling it is good to relax, and Jim is just the man for the job.

Charlie Rich – Midnight Blues

A soulful rock and roller from Sun Records. Charlie isn’t afraid to take it easy and show his sensitive side, as well as rocking it up when needs be. He has some excellent later recordings on Hi Records which are worth checking out, before he went Countrypolitan.

Duane Eddy – Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Good to mix things up with some guitar instrumental music.

Junior Wells – Hound Dog

Junior Wells’ Hoodoo Man album is one of my favourite fun records to listen to at the moment. The band are so loose and easy but also groovy and funky at the same time. The perfect blend of taking it easy funky blues!

Magic Sam – I Wanna Boogie

Full on rockin’ blues!!


This selection was made by Franic of The Wave Pictures.

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