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Tom Waits – The Earth Died Screaming

The sound that bones would make if they could play themselves and a brazenly nihilistic, yet somehow tongue-in-cheek sentiment that only someone as effortlessly cool as Tom Waits could pull off. Banger with a capital B mate.

Frank Zappa – Uncle Remus

Zappa at his absolute sexiest. Which is saying something, because that man was so sexy he could even make a White Noise Cinema song sound cautiously erotic. And we’re basically asexual

Tool – The Pot

One of these days we’ll get around to writing a song that effortlessly switches gears without breaking a sweat. Until that day, we always have Tool.

Pink Floyd – One of These Days

That rare song that manages to be genuinely menacing without sounding cheesy. We can only hope to aspire to that gold standard. Also Meddle is the most underrated of all Floyd albums. Get it in ya!

Michel Camilo – Caribe

“This song is 25 minutes of pure orgasm”Chris Jamieson, 2019.

Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug

A non-album single that developed a reputation of being unplayable due to that insane drum breakdown at the end. Not quite as special as anything on Downward Spiral, but a definite party starter. One of the best songs The Prodigy never wrote.

Radiohead – The National Anthem

The best rock bass riff in recent memory. A riff so good it effectively carries the whole song and then that mad Charles Mingus style jazz fusion ending carries it home. Seen this song played live countless times and it never gets old. And people think Radiohead are only capable of miserable music!

Faith No More – Land of Sunshine

A good gig has to have a good opener and this is opening track off one of my favourite albums ‘Angel Dust’. Mike Patton is an amazing front man, and I love every project he does, Mr Bungle being top off the list. Live he is a complete madman.

Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime

I saw David Byrne last year and that show was greatest live experience I have ever seen and I doubt it will ever be beaten. He is so inventive with his shows. The Talking Heads Stop Making Sense shows are a must watch for all music fans. I would love to do something like that one day.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – There She Goes My Beautiful World

As far as songs that get you ‘pumped up’ go this one is right up there for me. If I actually went to the gym it would certainly be on the playlist. I’m pretty sure it’s about writer’s block, which is a real cursed blight let me tell ye. I love the gospel rock era of the Bad Seeds, it’s one that often seems to get ignored, but Lyre of Orpheus and Abattoir Blues are some of their best records in my book.

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