English Weather

Boasting an overall lazy sound, the track mirrors how the British public expects their summers to be: warm, listless and packed full of radiance. With FEET’s signature couldn’t-careless vocals overlayed, you get the reality sarcastically retold along with the key reminder to “pack an umbrella”. It’s a cracking song that will no doubt be a catalyst for their infamous raucous sets. 


Formed on the 30th of January 2016, FEET was really a distraction for its members from their endless bowls of pasta and lonely nights due to their poor game. The band then quickly projected from a boozy side project to a realistic excuse to discuss dropping out of uni. With a European tour under the belt, seeing the likes of Luxembourg in all its glory, as well as a stopover to France, FEET are now back in the great Ol White, Red and Blue, looking to spread the love and Party or Die with Briton’s finest youths.