Gold Rush

‘Gold Rush’ is the first track to come from Karyo’s upcoming second EP.
Speaking on the track they had this to say: “I recently met a man in a pub who had just started working in the design department for the Lad Bible.  He told me (with no hint of irony) that the definition of ‘Lad’ in 2019 is someone who respects women and cares about the environment.” Who knew?
‘Gold Rush’ confronts gender stereotypes following the misadventures of Richard, an aspirational but lascivious character from the Del-Boy school of social mobility. Richard might have a good amount of guile and good looks, but is a little bit challenged in the moral compass department.
As Karyo put it: “Will Tricky Dick overcome adversity and inherit all that is owed to him by his genital configuration? Or, like the crusty Forty-Niner who snoozed his alarm, will his dreams of riches turn into a nightmare of dirt and testicular agony…” There’s only one way to find out… get listening!


Karyo are a dynamic 5 piece playing luxury alternative hip-hop, their founding members were born and bred in Worcestershire and it is where they cut their teeth as musicians. With airplay from BBC H&W as well as 6Music under their belts, 2019 is set to be a big year for them with confirmations to play at Boomtown and TrueFest in the summer.