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The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures Pre-Show Playlist

Marty Wilde - The Fire Of Love After being a fan of The Shadows for along time I decided to check out the other British rock and rollers. Billy Fury, Vince Taylor and Marty Wilde all have some excellent and crazy songs. This one is just cool. John Lee Hooker - Let's Make It Although The Wave Pictures love listening to blues music, it is nearly impossible to play without sounding terrible. We have been getting better recently, but we are still a million miles away from John Lee. He is the master. Bobby Darin - Bullfrog Some fun country......

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Uncover: The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures With less than two weeks to go until The Wave Pictures make their debut in Worcester and headline The Marrs Bar. We thought we'd have a chat with them and find out a bit more about what you can expect...Give them a listen...Their most recent album, Look Inside Your Heart, is a comprehensive reflection of The Wave Pictures. 'House By The Beach' - track two - was recently treated to some quirky visuals by the band, who relaunched their YouTube channel especially for the occassion.[wvc_bigtext text="Making 'Look Inside Your Heart' was one of the easiest albums we have made.......

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The Wave Pictures to headline The Marrs Bar

Woweee are we excited to announce this one! The legendary The Wave Pictures are coming to The Marrs Bar on 10th November! Twenty years after forming in Wymeswold, Leicestershire as teenagers, The Wave Pictures have gone on to be one of the UK’s most prolific and beloved bands. Fond of classic rock, jazz, and blues, they are also one of the most accomplished, with Tattersall’s guitar solos becoming the stuff of legend. They have collaborated with varying bright stars of the musical firmament, such as last year’s rock’n’roll surf-garage-rock project with Charles Watson from Slow Club, as new band The Surfing Magazines,......

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